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LI kids review Jambu KD sneakers

Kidsday reporters Kamiyah Rose and Marquis Johnson in

Kidsday reporters Kamiyah Rose and Marquis Johnson in their Jambu KD Anthozoa sneakers. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Each of us was given a pair of the new Jambu Sneaker Anthozoa-B and Anthozoa–G (G for girls and B for boys).

We both agree it is a comfortable sneaker, but we think it might take a little time to adjust to the sole of the shoe because the texture is a little different from a regular sneaker. It has a memory foam that you will end up liking after a while.

Marquis thinks it is good for hiking, sports and even in the water.

We both like the color and design of the sneakers. We like the bright colors. Marquis thinks they are good to keep your feet cool.

Kamiyah thinks they were good on her feet while she was running, climbing and jumping. They helped her move as she did cartwheels and never got dirty, even when she wore them to the park.

Kamiyah also likes the way you can tighten the shoes. She said, “The way you can tighten the shoes, without traditional laces, helped me to move around more. These shoes are great, and I highly recommend them.”

If you don’t see them in the store, check them out online:

Carol Chisan and Donna Haakonson’s fourth-grade class, William Floyd Elementary School, Shirley

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