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Jessie J offers up real-life advice in interview

Singer Jessie J, right, with Kidsday reporter Nicole

Singer Jessie J, right, with Kidsday reporter Nicole Aponte at the Crosby Hotel in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I had the honor of interviewing the very talented Jessie J, whose latest project has been voicing Brooke in the new movie, “Ice Age: Collision Course.” It was very inspirational to talk to a person who shared such personal life experiences. We talked about her career, family life, and difficult times. She has such positive energy that she lights up any room she walks into. Just being a performer isn’t enough for Jessie J!

Starting her career at 9 years old, Jessie J has performed in various plays and even starred in “Grease Live” this past January. She has three albums as well as many hit singles such as “Domino” and “Bang Bang.” She supports many charities such as Musicians on Call, which brings live music to the bedsides of patients. Jessie J is a coach on “The Voice” in Australia, and says that she couldn’t care less about winning and just to have fun and love what you do. We talked about her sense of style when it comes to fashion. Her advice to all young girls is to not care what others think and to be comfortable in your own skin.

What I love most about the interview is the advice that she gave to me. She said, “Whenever you walk into a room, always be the first person to say hi. Whatever you choose to do in life always be kind and respectful to people.”

She added at the end of our interview, when you meet new people, look them in the eyes, talk to them as if they are your best friends and always be yourself. The lesson that I will take from this interview is to never change who you are for people and to be passionate about what you choose to do in life. Jessie J has met challenges in her life and overcome them. She is a true role model. Here are a few of the questions from our interview:

There have been quite a few “Ice Age” movies. Why is this one your favorite?

There is new animation in this one. There are new characters. I love how they incorporated the spaceship from the first one into this one. I just like the message behind it: accepting change. It is a very good message.

I love the song you sing at the end of the movie, “My Superstar.” Did you write it specifically for this film?

I didn’t write the song. I met the writers maybe six months ago and I recorded it in London. The song came about because they wanted me to do a song, and I said yes, but I wanted it to be Brooke. Not many characters sing in films so I wanted the song to have kind of a different spin on it. I love that it is quite humorous and can be part of her character as well. It is a feel-good song — it makes you want to dance. I love those songs when the credits are running and everyone leaves the cinema [Jessie is dancing]. Dancing.

How was it working on the “Ice Age” movie and voicing Brooke?

It was great fun. It was very different than other things I have been in. I recorded it across the world — Sydney, London, New York, L.A. — while I was on tour. It was fun. I thought there were would be more people in the room when I did it, but it was just me and the producer. It was fun creating her voice.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Probably Cameron Diaz. She is an amazing actress and all of her characters that she does in animation and the way she used her voice is great. I am lucky enough to know her personally and she is just very inspiring. Her confidence made me feel confident that I can do it.

I love your fashion. How did you develop your sense of style?

Be yourself, be comfortable. Do what is good for your shape, your body and your energy. I think that I have been through a lot of different fashion phases and when I look back to just five years ago I was like a walking children’s toy. Now I am a little more conservative in my older age.

I see that you were born and raised in London and then recently relocated to California. Was that a hard transition to make?

I still live in the U.K. I kind of flip between both. I don’t think I will ever call L.A. home. I think I have a house there with some things, but London will always be my home. It is where my heart is, my family, my nieces and nephews and friends are. I am someone who moves a lot so I never really live anywhere. Because of my age and career, I think I will always be bouncing around.

What is the best advice you have been given when going into the entertainment business?

Always be yourself. Always enjoy the moment. Drink lots of water. And, don’t expect; don’t presume.

Being a songwriter, what has been one of your favorite songs that you have written?

“Party in the USA,” was one of the first songs that I have given away and it went to No. 1 in about 25 countries. And I thought, “Great! Set a standard that you can never meet again.” Some of my favorite songs are “Who You Are,” from my first album. Songs that have impacted others such as “Who’s Laughing Now,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Big White Room.” Basically, my first album, which is the mindset I need to get back to on my next record.


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