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Go for a wild ride on the waves with a Jet Ski

Kidsday reporter Grace Macaluso and her dad, Vincent,

Kidsday reporter Grace Macaluso and her dad, Vincent, enjoy a ride on a water scooter. Credit: Macaluso family

Looking for something to do on a hot summer day? Try riding a water scooter, such as a Jet Ski. It’s an exciting and fun experience that can be done right here on Long Island. It’s an amazing way to bond and build up your teamwork and trust.

On a water scooter you feel the speed, the adrenaline and the whole thrill of it. Sorry, kids, but to drive a scooter you must have a driver’s license. But what’s even better is that now you get to enjoy the ride and see the whole blue ocean out in front of you. You can go on lakes, oceans, rivers, bays and many more big bodies of water.

Riding a water scooter is like riding a really fun and crazy roller coaster. You bump up and down on the waves. You blast forward at amazing speeds.

On Long Island there are many places you can rent a water scooter for the day. Some popular places are Peconic Water Sports, East End Jet Ski, LB Wake & Watersports and Jet Ski Rentals Long Island. These are just a few we recommend. Normally, prices are $60 to $100. It can be expensive, but worth it.

One of Grace’s favorite water scooter experiences happened last year in Long Beach. She wrote: My dad and I were on a Jet Ski cruising on the ocean when all of a sudden, a baby dolphin and her mother swam up to us. They were so cute and made funny noises.

We have some tips for you if it is your first time. If you are scared, just jump on and don’t hesitate. Always wear a life jacket for safety purposes. Also, be prepared to feel the wind blowing in your face and hair. Always hold on to the water scooter. Lastly, never forget to have a blast.

Frances Barricelli and Joan McLean’s sixth-grade class, St. Agnes Cathedral School, Rockville Centre

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