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LI kids like Jill Yoga clothes line

Kidsday reporters from Stony Brook in new yoga

Kidsday reporters from Stony Brook in new yoga wear: Jordyn Mazzaglia, left, Addison Dellaporta (kneeling), Maggie Friedman and Cassidy Ward. Credit: Stefanie Baldante

We were able to review Jill Yoga shirts and pants (Ranka Group).

This outfit is definitely a sport look. When you are wearing this, the shirt is a little form-fitting in the waist. We liked that. The shirt is definitely comfortable, but in cold places you will definitely feel cold for a while. When you’re exercising, it is the right shirt to wear because it refreshes you. Even better, it has a hole in its sleeve to put your thumb in.

But there is not just a shirt — there are leggings too. These leggings are great exercise wear and the designs on the sides just make it better. We were big fans of the fabric. In gym class, we didn’t feel hot, and the pants were not too tight as we moved around in them. The pants are great for running around, stretching, dancing and sports.

The fabric was very soft both inside and outside, which made us feel cool and comfortable all day.

This outfit was excellent in gym class. It’s form-fitting and flexible. You can wear this outfit in any sport, expressly gymnastics. This was a great choice for an outfit for school. We wore the outfit for a day at school, through gym, recess and all other activities. Overall, we do recommend the clothes. You can check them out online at

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5

Stefanie Baldante’s fifth-grade class, W.S. Mount Elementary School, Stony Brook

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