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Job ideas for middle school kids who want to earn money

One good way to earn money is to

One good way to earn money is to work as a mommy helper or a baby sitter. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

If you’re a typical 12-year-old, then you know the struggle of not having your own money. Does this sounds familiar? You’re watching TV one night and the commercials come on. You see a new video game that you like, but your first thought is, how am I going to pay for it? So you go into your wallet, just to find out that you have only $10. We’re all tired of being short on money, so here are some ways to earn money:

BECOME A MOMMY HELPER About 25 years ago, middle schoolers were typically baby sitters or paperboys. Today some parents don’t trust their kids to stay home by themselves for half an hour or ride their bikes down the street. So you would imagine that most typical middle school jobs have dried up by now. But mommy helpers are the closest thing to a real baby sitter. What a mommy helper is: someone who watches the kids while Mom or Dad cooks, cleans or runs errands.

HELP A LOCAL SENIOR Seniors are mainly looking for someone to keep them company. So if you were to help a senior, all you would really have to do is to stay with them for a little while and talk to them. If they have to take medicine at a specific time, then bring the medicine to them — don’t have them walk and get it themselves. Keep in mind, some of these seniors are very old and have been through a lot.

PUT YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS TO USE Instead of using those skills for gaming or watching YouTube videos, you can set up a computer for an older person in your community. Alternatively, you can make online photo albums or song playlists and do data entry, which is like putting contact info into a phone or spreadsheet.

WORK AS A PET SITTER The concept of being a pet sitter is to watch over and take care of someone’s pet, like a baby sitter for pets. Pet sitting isn’t hard at all (unless you don’t have a pet). The majority of the work consists of changing the animal’s food and water, picking up after it, and best of all, playing with it.

HOLD A POOL PARTY First, you need a pool (and probably some adult help). You could tell family and friends about it. Also, you could charge a couple of dollars for some drinks or snacks. When it’s very hot outside, people would want to go in a pool.

Quick disclaimer: This list isn’t guaranteed to make you money, but it is very helpful in the process. To increase the amount of money you earn, you should also make an advertisement of some kind.

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