Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

John Cena treats the Make-A-Wish kids to a screening of his movie and a party

John Cena with Kidsday reporters, Varsha Ramrookum, left,

John Cena with Kidsday reporters, Varsha Ramrookum, left, Misa Kelly and Skyla Evers, Kidsday Reporters, 10, Uniondale, at the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Centre
Credit: Theresa Moskowski

We went to a screening of the new movie “Bumblebee” starring John Cena as Agent Burns and Hailee Steinfeld (Charlie). John Cena opens the movie as Agent Burns, a U.S. military leader, who discovers an Autobot, B-127, who has landed on Earth. He orders his troops to track it down. They lose B-127, but the Decepticons, other Autobots from an alien planet, find B-127. They erase his memory and remove his voice controls.

The movie takes place in a small California town where Charlie lives. Charlie is turning 18 and unhappy at home. Her dad passed away and her mom has a new boyfriend, who is nice, but Charlie can’t seem to be nice in return. Everyone in Charlie’s family seems happy but her. All she wants is her own car. Charlie frequently goes to the junkyard and on her birthday she discovers an old, yellow Volkswagen Beetle there. She is given the car as a gift and that is where the story starts to become more interesting. Charlie brings the car home and it transforms into an Autobot. This Autobot has no memory and no voice controls; she names it Bumblebee.

Bumblebee is far from home, unable to communicate and has no memory. Charlie and Bumblebee form a close bond. Charlie starts to have a change of heart and softens up around her family. She starts to smile more and enjoy her life. Shortly after, the Decepticons appear on Earth again. They are after Bumblebee and enlist the help of Agent Burns and the U.S. military. Throughout the movie, Agent Burns is concerned about helping the Decepticons find Bumblebee. He is convinced to assist them, but he decides once Bumblebee is located he will destroy all three Autobots. We can’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say Charlie wasn’t the only character in the movie to have a change of heart.

We give the movie Bumblebee five out of five smiles! It was action-packed, had an interesting plot and a great 1980s setting. Our favorite characters were Bumblebee, Charlie and Agent Burns. We liked the humorous relationship between Bumblebee and Charlie. Our favorite scene was the beach scene when Charlie is teaching Bumblebee how to hide. We also loved the ending scene with Agent Burns but, again, no spoilers! Our favorite part about watching the movie was the appearance of John Cena and viewing the movie with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

John Cena introduced himself at the start of the movie. He was excited for everyone to watch this premiere screening before it was released to the public. He said it was his gift to the families of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

After the screening, we walked to the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza to meet and greet John. It was a rainy walk filled with excitement. We were still buzzing with energy from watching the movie. When we arrived at the Rainbow Room, we were greeted by hosts and servers with big smiles and trays of delicious treats. The view of the Empire State Building was as bright as a diamond. It was amazing to watch the Make-A-Wish Foundation families so happy enjoying the face painting, ornament making and caricatures. To top it all off, John had the children switch the lever for the lights of the Empire State Building. We watched as the bright lights turned from white to yellow and black, just like a buzzing bumblebee.

It was a pleasure to meet John Cena. He asked us what our favorite part of the movie was and, of course, we said it was watching it with the families and getting to experience this gift.

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