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Talking wth singer Johnny Orlando

Singer Johnny Orlando with Kidsday reporters Isabella DeCunzo,

Singer Johnny Orlando with Kidsday reporters Isabella DeCunzo, left, Maya Motherway, Shannon Mahoney, Avery Whitehouse and Charlotte Webster, 10 and 11, from East Rockaway and Lynbrook at the amNY offices in Manahttan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

“Seriously?” all our friends asked.

“Are you sure?” Yes, we are. Boy, we have a story for you. We met singer Johnny Orlando. The Johnny Orlando! It was so much fun.

Johnny was born on Jan. 24, 2003 in Mississauga, Canada and has been singing from the start. When he was 8, he started making YouTube videos with his older sister, Darian. They filmed covers of Johnny singing. And when his fans started asking for originals, did he deliver! His first original was in 2013, when he was 10, and things have just been going up higher and higher since then.

Johnny just released his first EP, “Teenage Fever,” and some of the great songs on this are “Sleep,” “What If,” and “Last Summer.”

When we met Johnny, we asked him a lot of questions. We asked him if he had ever played an instrument. He said that he played the guitar and he taught himself how to play it. When he finally did, he was a singer. We also asked Johnny if he still went to school. Surprisingly, he said yes. You, at least we, expected him not to, due to his fame. We asked Johnny if he had a favorite place to perform, and he told us that his favorite place was in New York City, but he also added that Toronto was his second favorite.

We also asked him if anything bad had ever happened right before a concert backstage. Johnny replied that once, about five minutes before the show, his audio microphone in his ear and his regular microphone both stopped working. They had to fix the microphones right away, because if he had no microphone, he would have to yell at the top of his lungs!

Johnny gave us another surprising response when we asked him to describe himself as an artist using just one word.  He answered really simply: new. He described himself as new because he said that he was new to performing and because he tries to make his music as fresh and new as possible. We also asked him what advice he would give to his younger self and he replied that he would tell his younger self to always be himself, not try to conform to what other people want him to be.

We later learned what the funniest thing a fan ever did to Johnny was. It turns out that when Johnny went to give high fives to the audience at one of his shows, a fan grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the crowd. He said it must have been funny for the fan, but not for him.

Another question we asked was if he could tell us something about him that few people know. He responded that when he was little he used to create songs, and they were horrible. He said he used to sing about anything and have no tune whatsoever.

Our last question made us extra nervous because we asked Johnny to sing one of his songs with us. It was something we will never forget because he sang “What If.” We loved it even more when he joined in with us. Interviewing Johnny Orlando was so much fun!

Johnny is coming back to our area May 7. He has a concert at the Playstation Theater in Manhattan.

Also check out his website:

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