Good Morning
Good Morning

 Johnny Orlando would never put us to 'Sleep'

Kidsday reporters Maya Motherway, left, Shannon Mahoney and

Kidsday reporters Maya Motherway, left, Shannon Mahoney and Charlotte Webster, from East Rockaway, at the Johnny Orlando concert at the Playstation Theater in Manhattan Credit: Michelle Healy

 Our teacher, Mrs. Michelle Healy, dialed our numbers early last week and asked our parents if we would like to go to a Johnny Orlando concert at the PlayStation Theater in Manhattan. We all thought the same thing: We were going to our first-ever concert!

We jumped up and down yelling for joy. And then the night came. We got all dressed and ready to go. Maya’s mom volunteered to drive us into Manhattan where we met Mrs. Healy at the theater. When we entered, we couldn’t contain our excitement.  It was our first concert, and we had the time of our lives. There were no seats, but it was better that way. It was just like a mosh pit, but with a gate for Johnny’s protection.  The concert started with a performance by a teenager, Gus. He was good. After that, Hayden Summerall performed. He is on tour with Johnny, and is Johnny’s best friend.

Hayden and Gus were on the stage for about 15 minutes each. Then, the lights   dimmed and on came the star.

“Johnny! Johnny!” they chanted.

“We love you, Johnny!” others screamed.

“OK everyone, I can’t hear out of my right ear because of the energy in here right now,” Johnny said into the microphone. “Let’s keep it that way.”

And then he added, “Jeez, I really shouldn’t have worn a turtleneck.” Everyone screamed. Johnny had sung several of his songs from his old album, as well as his new one. He even took random water breaks between songs. We thought it was funny. We jumped and sang and danced. When the concert neared its end, he asked everyone to yell out what their favorite song was.

    “I heard a lot of ‘Sleep,’ so I guess I’ll sing it,” he exclaimed.

“Sleep” was one of his hits. We all love the song. We pumped our fists, danced and sang along. Many people were disappointed he did not sing ‘Waste My Time.”  After “Sleep,” he said goodbye, and thanked New York for such a great time. When he walked off, nobody left because everyone found it suspicious. But then, a girl started chanting, “Waste My Time”!, “Waste My Time.”!

    The screen suddenly illuminated. The music video for “Waste My Time” appeared on the screen and everyone screamed.  Then he came back, and for his encore sang, “Waste My Time.” When the song was over, he took photos with some members of the audience. After that, the show was over for real. Everybody exited rather quickly.

    As we left, we thought  about the night. Johnny had a great stage presence,  and an amazing voice that everyone loves. Overall, the experience was fantastic, and one we’ll surely never forget.

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