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Joining school musical ‘Peter Pan’ was high-flying fun

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kelly Mullooly, Massapequa Park

I believe the music arts are very important in and out of school.

Every year our school puts on a play or a musical, just like most schools do. I was very excited about “Peter Pan,” which we put on in January. But, to me, it didn’t matter what play we did, I wanted to be in it and to have fun. I was in two plays in elementary school so I had some experience. We started practice in early December, and after many tryouts and rehearsals I was lucky enough to get the part of Michael.

Just like most kids, when I was little I saw “Peter Pan” in the theater and also the movie versions.

Getting the part meant I had to be very dedicated and learn all my lines and songs. I had a decent amount of lines and I know the importance of practice. About 30 kids from grades six to eight made up our cast and crew.

It might be hard on some kids to go into a rehearsal with older kids, but here is my advice: It is OK if you don’t get a great big role because in time you will work your way up.

I spoke with our directors, drama club adviser Mrs. Mary LaSita and musical director Mrs. Lisa Scrom. They told me that one of the reasons they chose this play was because we were hoping to get a large cast in drama club this year.

Mrs. LaSita was very excited about the stunts and making us fly on stage. One scene and song the directors and I liked a lot was when Tiger Lily and the Brave Girls sing with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. It is a fun and energetic song. That song is “Ugg-a-Wugg/The Pow Wow Polka.” I

If you have never tried out for a school play or musical, you should! It’s great fun and you can make new friends.

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