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Juicy Juice drinks in a taste test at school

Kidsday reporters Arshan Samad, left, Mikey Fee, Nick

Kidsday reporters Arshan Samad, left, Mikey Fee, Nick Gaffney, Adam Marotto and Annie Calise try Juicy Juice flavors. Credit: Stefanie Baldante

The kids in my class took part in a taste test survey. We were also trying to decide which Juicy Juice brand drink we liked better. We tested the new Juicy Juice Splashers (50 percent juice and filtered water), Juicy Juice Teasers (a blend of fruit juice and tea) and Juicy Juice Organics (100 percent juice). We think you can’t go wrong with any of these new Juicy Juices. Kid testers said they liked the Juicy Juice Organics more because it is healthier for us and does not have any aftertaste.

The Juicy Juice Splashers, all kids agreed, is a great drink. It had a nice balance of sweet and tangy taste. Of all the flavors we tried, Tropical Twist was the unanimous clear winner.

We tested the Juicy Juice Teasers, and we had three flavors to test out: peach, berry, and half and half (lemon and apple). We can all agree that our favorite flavor was the berry. It was natural and sweet. The others were good, but not as good as berry.

Finally we decided on their new look. Our teacher gave out an original juice box and a new Juicy Juice Splashers pouch to each student. After checking out the new boxes, each student had to make a chart to show what they thought and which look they liked better. Most kids liked the Juicy Juice Organics boxes over the new Juicy Juice Splashers pouches. Some kids thought that the newer pouches were harder to handle.

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