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Julian Lennon talks with Long Island kids

Kidsday reporters, from left, Michael Scaduto, Tara Ramchand,

Kidsday reporters, from left, Michael Scaduto, Tara Ramchand, Jack McNamara and Cora Cooper from Ivy League School in Smithtown with author Julian Lennon, at the Barnes and Noble store in Union Square, Manhattan, on April 6. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

The day began with us going to Barnes & Noble in Union Square in Manhattan. It was one of the largest Barnes & Noble stores we had ever been to. We weren’t going there just to buy books but to interview Julian Lennon about his new book, “Heal the Earth” (Sky Pony Press) which is the second novel in his trilogy of books. The book is co-authored by Bart Davis. As soon as the four of us arrived we noticed there were people forming lines to meet Julian and have their books autographed. “Heal the Earth” is Julian’s second New York Times bestseller children’s book so it was a big event.

My co-reporters and I gathered to review the questions we had prepared and shared tips for the interview. We headed upstairs to the green room on the fourth floor. We all were a bit nervous, some of us talking, some silent but all of us eager to meet Julian.

Julian and his co-author, Bart, came into the room shortly after and seemed happy to meet with us. It was a pleasant surprise that Bart was there.. One by one we took turns asking questions about the book, Julian’s life and his foundation, The White Feather Foundation. Julian was cheerful and seemed impressed by the questions we had asked him. He is a very warm and pleasant person who strives to make a difference in this world through his foundation, education and awareness of environmental issues. At the end of the interview, he and Bart signed our books. We had a great experience and it was an inspiration to meet someone who is involved and influential in making our world a better place.

“Heal the Earth” teaches us empathy, history, responsibility, and diversity in a unique, interactive and fun way. The book starts off by asking the reader to pick the continent they live in and then hop into the White Feather Flier, which is a vehicle that transforms into different vehicles and has white feathers for wings. The mission of the White Feather Flier is to go to places in the world that need assistance. In this book, the White Feather Flier turns into a hospital to help sick or hurt people, then it turns into a submarine and heals the coral reef. The White Feather Flier then takes you to a city to plant a garden and then takes you to the rain forest to plant trees. This book teaches children the importance of humanity and kindness toward our planet.

If you got a nickel for every time a person said your father was great what would you do with those nickels?

I would give all the nickels to The White Feather Foundation.

You have been famous since birth, was it difficult to gain your own fame and was it difficult to make friends as a child?

Yes, it was difficult to gain my own fame because my parents were separated when I was three and I only would see my father on rare occasions. It was difficult to make friends because people thought I had all this wealth as a child but in reality since my parents were separated my mother and I had to work. (Julian had said every penny I’ve earned has been directly from my work.)

What are most of your songs inspired by?

Relationships between people.

What do you think your biggest accomplishment in your career is?

Not sure if I have reached that yet, but if I had to choose, The White Feather Foundation. It is the most important to me.

What personal things do you do on a daily basis to help better the environment — reusing, recycling?

He said he reuses, always recycles, uses cars as little as he can, and he donates to the foundation. He uses as little plastics as possible and tries to encourage others to do so.

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