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Jump In’ puzzle game: Can you keep the rabbits safe?

Kidsday reporter Kayla Mendelson of Holtsville with the

Kidsday reporter Kayla Mendelson of Holtsville with the Jump In' puzzle game. Credit: Mendelson family

I got to test Jump In’ puzzle game (Smart Games), and it is awesome. In this game you have to help the rabbits jump and hide from two foxes.

All the pieces are on the green board, and you move the rabbits into circular spaces. There are also mushrooms that you have to put on the board. The mushrooms have to stay where they are.

The object of the game is to move the rabbits and foxes around the board until all rabbits are safe in brown holes. The rabbit can’t be moved without jumping over at least one obstacle. When the fox goes by, the rabbits go in the brown holes.

I love this game! The best part is you do not need anyone to play with you, you can just have a little fun by yourself.

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