Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jump rope to save a heart

Get an early start for Jump Rope for Heart. Do you want to make a difference in the world? If you do here's an idea for you. Every year Rocky Point Schools put together an organization called Jump Rope for Heart. The American Heart Association brings it to our school with help from our physical education. The 2014-15 Jump Rope for Heart raised $13,179.

In the gym is where we hold this fun event. We have six centers: hula hooping, skip-it, Chinese jump roping, Jake the snake, group jump roping and jump roping. Each grade (third, fourth and fifth) splits up into boys and girls competitions. First and second place get trophies.

Most people think cancer kills most Americans, but it is heart disease. Doing this in school is fun, educational and it may just help save a heart.

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