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Fore fun: Why I love playing golf

Kidsday reporter Aaron Chen of Syosset likes to

Kidsday reporter Aaron Chen of Syosset likes to play golf. Credit: Chen family

Golf is a great sport, especially when you play in a league.

It is a cool because you get to communicate with your partners and opponents. For example, you tell your opponents what their mistakes might’ve been. You also get to tell your partner where and how to hit. They also tell you how to improve your game. That’s great sportsmanship! I am in a league which helps me to hit better. It helps me because my coach and golf instructor, Justin Koff, gives me great tips.

When in season, I play matches Saturdays at Eisenhower Park. Justin puts you with a partner and you go out on the course and start playing golf.  

Golf is a game of respect and kindness. For example, when you win or lose a match, you must shake hands with the opponents. When someone is hitting a ball, you must be quiet. If you laugh, it can be counted as a one-stroke penalty. 

I hope you’re starting to get inspired. At first, everything might seem hard, but practice makes perfect. Find a club near you to get started.

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