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'Just Roll With It' cast talks to LI kids

"Just Roll with It Cast" mem bers Tobie

"Just Roll with It Cast" mem bers Tobie Windham, left, Kaylin Hayman, Suzi Barrett and Ramon Reed. They are with Kidsday reporters Olivia Calfapietra, left, Mia Ross, Samantha Infantolino, Sitting left to right, Kelsea DeMeo and Peyton Chaimowitz, and Patrick Alvarado, Anthony DeLaRosa, Gunadeep Gayam at the ABC offices in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We had the opportunity to meet the cast for the new Disney show “Just Roll With It,” which premiered June 16. The show is very unpredictable. It is about a family with two children: Kaylin Hayman (she stars as Blair) and Ramon Reed (Owen) and their parents Suzi Barrett (Rachel)  and Tobie Windham (Byron).

This show will keep you laughing the whole time. Three to five times throughout the show a bell will go off and the live studio audience gets a chance to vote on what and how the show will continue. The cast has no idea of what choices the audience got to chose from and they don’t find out after either because they may be used at a later date. The actors and actresses then have to go on with the show with the unknown challenge.

We watched the first episode with our class, and it was hysterical. Tobie and Kaylin had to take part in a “breakfast barf bonanza,” a gross food challenge. They had to eat sardines, grasshopper, mayo, or hot dog juice. Ughhh, gross!

When interviewing them we found out some really cool information about the cast. Kaylin enjoys roller skating in her free time and Ramon enjoys to going go-karting, Suzi enjoys walking her dog and camping and Tobie enjoys playing basketball and watching basketball.

They don’t have a lot of free time. On Monday to Wednesday they get a script, Thursday  they film for nine hours and then on Friday the live studio audience comes and they film in front of them. The two kids have to get schooled while they are on set. They travel so much a teacher is hired to educate them on the road. Both of the adults started acting when they were in about third grade. Both of the kids are the only people in their family that act. The best part of the kids being part of “Just Roll With It,” they feel that they have made great relationships and it has impacted them in a very positive way.

They rate their experience a 10! Auditioning for the show was very exciting. If you would like to be part of the show and you are visiting Los Angeles, you would have to go to On Camera Audience and the tickets are free. They said they did know what they were getting themselves into when they auditioned, but each show keeps them guessing what will happen next. Tune in Wednesdays at 8 p.m. to watch this hysterical show.

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