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I'm a Belieber: My Justin Bieber collection

Kidsday reporter Sophie Clancy of Merrick with some

Kidsday reporter Sophie Clancy of Merrick with some of her Justin Bieber collectibles. Credit: Clancy family

I collect Justin Bieber merchandise. I have had my collection since I was 5.

My collection consists of perfumes, posters, necklaces, dolls, T-shirts, cardboard cutouts and more. Prices can vary from 99 cents to almost $70! Why are some items so expensive? Some items are considered rare, usually because they are no longer made. For example, an original Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl Doll can go for almost $200. Other, less expensive items, such as buttons and necklaces, can go from 99 cents to $10.

As Justin matured, so did his merchandise. His "merch" from his younger years was targeted toward younger fans. They were able to attract younger fans by using bright colors, flowers, and hearts. In Justin’s more current years, his stuff is designed for teens and adults.  

Justin is not the only celebrity who has a merchandise line. Many of your favorite stars do, too. Will you start a collection of your favorite celebrity?

Roland Clark’s seventh-grade English class, Merrick Avenue Middle School

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