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Katy Perry meets Long Island kids

Katy Perry with Kidsday reporter Landon Nydegger and

Katy Perry with Kidsday reporter Landon Nydegger and his sister Maggie. Credit: Claudine Nydegger

Katy Perry is one of the biggest musical artists known by people all over the world. But only a few have been able to meet her, and I was one of those few.

Contests to meet famous people are very hard to win. Luckily, I didn’t need to win a contest. My cousin worked at Sirius XM, and she was managing a town hall interview with Katy Perry in Manhattan. She invited my sister and me as her special guests to be there and meet her.

We were not able to ask her any questions, but I did listen to her speak at the event. She is very interesting and great in person. She talked about what her songs were about and why she wrote them. She talked about growing up and gave advice to some young girls asking questions. In meeting her, I did not realize that she would be so tall. She is very nice and polite.

At the time, my sister was very young, and Rainbow Loom was popular. My sister made her a bracelet that she said she loved, and she gave my sister a hug for it. She heard it was my sister’s birthday and wished her a happy birthday.

It was one day that I will always remember, meeting a great, famous singer in real life.

Valerie Hanley’s seventh-grade class, Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic School, Southampton

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