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Kayaking in Stony Brook Harbor

Have you ever had a slight breeze in your face, a splash of water on your arm, in a beautiful place?

If you have, you may have been to Stony Brook Harbor on your boat or kayak. If you haven't been to Stony Brook Harbor, you should go. It's a great place to go and relax. That is where my family likes to kayak.

Kayaking is a fun way to exercise your body and just have fun, but you should go kayaking only in the summer. My family has two two-seater kayaks. We go a lot, but I wish we could go even more.

You could (if you get bored) go for a swim. If you look down in the water you (sometimes) see fish, and if you're on the beach you can see snails, hermit crabs and regular crabs, and if you're lucky, a starfish.

Stony Brook Harbor is a narrow strip of water. There are two beaches on either side of you.

One fun activity to do there is have a picnic on the beach. Another fun activity is to skip rocks. A sunny day is the kind of day to go to the beach and go kayaking.

It's a lot of fun and I suggest you try it.

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