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Keegan Allen spends time with LI kids

Author and actor Keegan Allen with Kidsday reporters,

Author and actor Keegan Allen with Kidsday reporters, from left, Laura Roa, Uchenna Kelly, Amy Molina and Mira Oncale-Tippit at St. Martin's Press offices in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to meet Keegan Allen. Everyone knows Keegan. He starred as Toby Cavanaugh on the popular TV show “Pretty Little Liars.” Besides acting, Keegan has two books out: “life. love. beauty” and “Hollywood: Photos and Stories from Foreverland.” We met him to talk about his latest, the Hollywood book. We met Keegan at the Flatiron Building in a conference room at St. Martin’s Press offices.

We were all very nervous meeting Keegan because we are such big fans of his TV show and his books, but he made us feel very relaxed almost immediately. We wanted to know who was his hero and Keegan said his mom. He told us he chose her because she helped me how to be kind to others and she also put me in acting because I really wanted to be an actor one day. Keegan’s mom let him follow his dreams.

We were all curious about his time on the show “Pretty Little Liars,” and he talked to us about that as well. Keegan told us it was really good because he felt comfortable there. Because the cast was together for so many years, they became like family.

Because we all have dreams of being stars, we asked him what made him to decide to become an actor. Keegan responded by saying it was because of his family. His parents both were involved in the arts so it came from there.

Keegan told us that he enjoys the arts a lot. So we were wondering: If he could star in any Broadway show, which one would he pick? He responded by saying that he would want to see and star in the new play “Harry Potter and Cursed Child,” because he has loved Harry Potter since he was little. We are all such big Harry Potter fans so it was so hard to keep it together!

Finally, Keegan talked to us about his book “Hollywood: Photos and Stories from Foreverland.” We thumbed through it together, and he talked about certain photos he had taken and what he saw in them. It was so much fun to see the photos through his eyes. The book is really amazing.

At the end of our interview, he was gracious enough to let us all to take pictures with him and he gave us a copy of his book. He even autographed them for us. Keegan gave us photography advice. He also taught us the value of looking at things more closely, saying some people miss out on how beautiful the world is. Keegan explained that he noticed that through a photo, you can see behind a person’s eyes and though their masks which is what inspired him to create this book.

We had so much fun with him, we didn’t want to leave. We were all very happy that we met Keegan. Keegan said we had such great questions and that he was surprised when he found out we made them up on our own.

When we were about to wrap things up he said, “You guys are very good reporters for just being 10, 11, and 12-year-olds.” That made us so happy.

He also put a picture of us with him on his Twitter with us holding his book. Meeting Keegan Allen was an experience that we will never forget. We had an awesome time meeting him.

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