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Why the Latin School is the place to go

Students Francesca Papetti, left, Jason Alperin, Elizabeth Rizzo

Students Francesca Papetti, left, Jason Alperin, Elizabeth Rizzo and Tristan Lombardo in the school's garden. Credit: Eric Harnisch

If you’re looking for a great middle school, the Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School in Uniondale is the place for you! Here's why I think the Latin School is better than most middle schools:

  • The number of extracurricular activities and clubs. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something that suits you.
  • Cutting edge technology. That includes personal iPads and a state-of-the-art computer lab.
  • The comfortable learning environment. There are animals everywhere around the school. There are two chapels if you would like to calm yourself and relax and pray and teachers who are more than willing to help and talk about school or unrelated subjects.
  • The school is home to the Marianists. The Marianists are men dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus and to Catholic education. They are very friendly people, great to talk to, and you can find them in school throughout the day.
  • The curriculum. Lessons help pave the way for future success in high school.
  • The diverse population. Many lifelong friendships will be made due to kids attending from numerous places.

Clara Villani’s Newspaper Club, Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School, Kellenberg, Uniondale

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