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LI kids visit Mary-Charles Jones on set of ‘Kevin Can Wait’

Actress Mary-Charles Jones, who plays Sara Gable on

Actress Mary-Charles Jones, who plays Sara Gable on "Kevin Can Wait," with Kidsday reporters Aidan Shaughney, left, Patrick Cummings, Victoria Messemer and Grace Macaluso, all from Rockville Centre, on the set of "Kevin Can Wait." Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We were very lucky to be able to meet actress Mary-Charles Jones who stars as Sara Gable on the CBS comedy “Kevin Can Wait.” We also met James DiGiacomo who plays Jack Gable. As a bonus, we watched them shoot a scene. The show is filmed in Bethpage, and when we walked onto the set, we basically got a small tour from the Andy Fickman, the director himself! We did our interview in the show’s living room. Mary-Charles, 16, was crazy nice and she was so excited to meet us. We had a great time getting to know her.

Grace asked her what advice she would have for a young aspiring actor or actress. Mary-Charles explained to never let the word “no” get you down, to always keep trying, and never give up on your dreams. These were very inspiring and true words. This is great advice for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps. Hearing these words made everyone smile.

Victoria asked her what was her favorite episode on the show. She said it was the episode when she had to go on a roller-skating date. She adored that she was able to roller skate all day and that it was a cool experience to watch and act in.

Since she is a teen, we asked her how she juggles school and acting? She a takes online classes and whenever she has free time she does her school work. So, if she is busy Friday, she can do her work on Saturday. She definitely has a busy schedule.

Patrick asked who is her celebrity crush. She laughed so hard that she made everyone else laugh, and that made us excited to hear what she was going to say. Her celebrity crush is . . . Jace Norman from “Henry Danger.”

Aidan asked Mary-Charles about working with actor Kevin James. She said Kevin James is such an amazing person to work with. She said he is hilarious and that he makes the show what it is.

After Mary-Charles’s interview we were able to chat with James DiGiacomo, who is 12, who stars as Jack. He was super funny and made us laugh. It didn’t surprise us when he told us he wanted to be a stand-up comedian. In fact, it was his idea to let us watch one his scenes. He knew all his lines without a problem.

We were talking with Mary-Charles and James for almost an hour. It was one of the best times of our lives. James told us all about what he does and how he works with school and acting. The one thing he told us that was a little upsetting was that he said some of his friends ignore him because they think he has a big head because he is an actor. We don’t think he had a big head at all, because he was really nice and made us laugh.

As a bonus, we watched them shoot a scene. The cast and crew were very kind and we were able to have one of the coolest experiences ever. First, they practiced the scene with a script in their hands. Then, they tried it with no scripts. Sure enough, they did the scene perfectly. They even added in a joke or two which made it funnier.

We are definitely fans of “Kevin Can Wait,” and now we love the show even more. When we watch it makes a lot more special to us knowing we shared the same couch with the Gable family.

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