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‘The Keymaster’s Quest’ review: Hawaiian myth and mystery

Kidsday reporter Jonathan Tang reviewed "Tales From Adventureland:

Kidsday reporter Jonathan Tang reviewed "Tales From Adventureland: The Keymaster's Quest." Credit: Kathleen McMahon

Are you looking for a book about adventure, Hawaiian mythology and mysterious magic? Well, if you are, then “Tales From Adventureland: The Keymaster’s Quest” by Jason Lethcoe (Disney Press) is the book for you. The book tells of a young boy named Andy Stanley, who discovers his grandfather alive and embarks on a dangerous quest to secure the magical Tiki Key. Enjoying this? Read on.

If you were to try to sum up the theme of “The Keymaster’s Quest” in a single word, that word would be adventure. Andy travels to Hawaii to recover the Tiki Key, the key that can release the evil god Kapu. In addition, there is an urgency — Andy must acquire the key before an evil professor does. If you want to know what happens next, then read the book.

This book is very suspenseful. This book is also the first of a series. I hope you like it.

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

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