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‘Kid Athletes’ a great read for sports fans

Credit: Quirk Books

We read the book: “Kid Athletes: True Tales of Childhood From Sports Legends,” Stories by David Stabler (Quirk Books).

Are you a big sports fan? If you are, then you’ll love this book. “Kid Athletes” shares very interesting facts. For example, who would have guessed that Peyton Manning danced the tango at his school play? Or that Michael Jordan was accident-prone?

Jasmine’s favorite stories were about Billie Jean King, Babe Ruth, Jesse Kuhaulua and Peyton Manning.

Eric liked the behind-the-scenes stories about many household names such as Bobby Orr, Yao Ming, Jackie Robinson, Tiger Woods, Gabby Douglas, Danica Patrick, Lionel Messi and more. Each story tells about their hardships. Some were bullied, some didn’t have enough money and some were even stolen from. But, in the end they all made it to the pros.

“Kid Athletes” is a very informative book, but it also teaches you that anyone (no matter who you are) can go through hardships. Like how Gabby Douglas was ridiculed by her coach and teammates, but she eventually stood up for herself.

We feel that anyone who just wants to learn more about professional athletes’ lives before they were professional athletes will definitely enjoy this book. Even if you don’t exactly love sports, this book only says a little bit about them in the actual sport, so go out and get this book because it will teach you a lot and you will enjoy it immensely.

We would recommend this book because kids would learn new facts about their favorite athletes that they might find interesting. Overall, we give the book 4 smiles.

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