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Good Morning

Kids aren't invincible, and here's why

We think we are invincible, but we are not. We want to be, but we are not. But it won't stop us from trying.

Kids can't be invincible, because they can get hurt by spraining something, breaking something or getting a concussion. We interviewed a couple of kids and asked how they got hurt even though they thought they were invincible before their injuries. Here are some of their answers:

The first kid got a concussion by playing soccer when he was running too fast and didn't see a pole. Guess what? He hit his head on the pole.

Another kid we talked to sprained his ankle by slipping and falling down the stairs. Stairs! We use them every day!

The last girl we interviewed had to get stitches because she was playing and running too fast. She didn't see the tree in front of her and ran into it. This just shows that kids aren't invincible, even if they think they are.

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