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Kids help out Last Chance Animal Rescue

Are you a pet lover? Have you ever wanted a pet but your parents never let you have one? Come on down to Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Last Chance Animal Rescue has an adoption program every Saturday at Petco Patchogue, 401 Sunrise Hwy. Our orchestra teacher, Mrs. Miorca, has been a volunteer with this rescue for at least two years now. She fosters cats and dogs and has fostered more than 35 cats and 25 dogs.

We went to the Petco in Patchogue. There were a lot of cute little animals. Here is what we found out. Fostering is difficult because it's very sad seeing them go away. But it feels good to know you helped them get a good home.

Kids actually have a very big part in this rescue. We don't mean the kids adopting the cute little animals, we mean the kids can do many different things. They can volunteer at events, they can foster, become a rescue ranger on the Last Chance Animal Rescue website, and they can spread the word. Parents can help too by making donations.

You just have to enter the Petco, find someone with a Last Chance Animal Rescue shirt. If you have more questions then you can go on this website:

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