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Looking in the mirror — do you see your mom or dad?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Isabella Niola, Old Westbury

We did a survey with kids in our school. We wanted to find out if kids thought they were more like their mom, more like their dad, or like both of them. They had lots of comments on this topic.

Here are our results from talking with 44 kids around the age of 10:

More like mom: 13

More like dad: 10

A little bit of both: 18

Neither: 3

What made most kids feel they were a lot like their parent? Because they look like them and they had the same personality. Some kids said they have the same nose or the same chin and make the same facial expressions.

Others had mixed emotions about this topic and admitted that they can sometimes be a little cranky like their parents. They said stuff like “because I like them” and “because they feed me.”

Besides appearance, they said they were similar to one parent or the other because of how helpful parents were.

Michele Lambraia and Dara Perlow’s fourth-grade class, George Washington Elementary School, West Hempstead


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