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Kids’ pet peeves: What bothers us the most

Do you get annoyed if a friend or

Do you get annoyed if a friend or classmate keeps stressing out over a bad hair day? Credit: Kidsday illustration / Elizabeth Musso

These days, kids have so many pet peeves, it’s crazy. I’ve chosen a few to write about.

One pet peeve for both boys and girls is when they have a bad hair day and they get stressed out and spend hour after hour trying to get their hair to be perfect or at least halfway decent. Another pet peeve is when a teacher erases the chalkboard and a letter or number doesn’t get fully erased; some kids can’t help but get up to finish erasing the board all the way.

One of the biggest things that agitates kids is when someone looks at their paper when they are writing down notes or something personal. Since everywhere you go kids are glued to their phones, the same thing tends to happen with phones as well. Kids tend to get really angry at the person who looks over at what they are doing.

Last, if someone whispers an answer to themselves and the person close to them hears it and says it out loud, they get the credit and it tends to annoy kids. I could go on for hours and hours about kids’ pet peeves, but these are a few things that I really thought get on kids’ nerves the most.


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