Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

How much time do kids spend on the phone?

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Grace Knoth

Kids who have their own phones love them. They are not just for making calls anymore.

I asked 26 kids in our school how much time they spend on a phone each day. A lot of kids said they spent more than three hours on a phone. Here are my results:

20 minutes or less: 2

1 hour or less: 3

2 hours or less: 4

3 hours or less: 4

More than 3 hours: 13

I think you should spend only around one hour a day. I don’t like to play on phones because staring at a screen too long can strain your eyes. Kids who do have phones say they like to use them to text their friends, but most kids like them just to play games.

Kathryn Hunter’s fourth-grade class, South Country Elementary School, Bay Shore

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