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Good Morning

Kids Take Action, a program that helps people

Kids Take Action is a program at our school. Our goal is to help people who are less fortunate due to disasters and who have lost meaningful items. This year, we collected ink cartridges, recycled them for money, then donated that money to Clark Botanic Garden in Albertson. The gardens sustained significant damage during superstorm Sandy. We also sent letters to servicemen and women, thanking them for all they do to keep us safe. We all wrote letters to a son of one of the teachers who is a Navy helicopter pilot. We wished for our servicemen and women to always be safe and wrote that we are thinking about them. They wrote a letter back saying they'll try their best.

We also made posters for our staff and faculty. We all wrote generous and kind things for different people. Some examples are our art teacher, our music teacher, our secretaries, our foreign language teachers, our enrichment teacher, our gym teachers and our bus drivers. Kids Take Action is worth belonging to if you like to help people. It teaches you why it's important to help others. It makes you a better person because you know how to help and donate items.

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