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What TV show would you like to be in?

"Fuller House" on Netflix got the vote

"Fuller House" on Netflix got the vote of nearly half the kids in the survey. Credit: Netflix / Michael Yarish

Have you ever wanted to be in a popular kids TV show? What show would it be? We surveyed 52 kids and gave them four choices, here are the results:

“Fuller House”: 23

“Teen Titans Go!”: 13

“Friends”: 11

“Game Shakers”: 5

A lot of kids chose “Fuller House” because it is a great show and many kids watch it. “Fuller House” is the sequel to “Full House.” It’s about D.J., her best friend, Kimmy, and their kids when everyone is older. D.J.’s kids — Jackson, Max and Tommy — are the new versions of D.J., Stephanie and Michelle from “Full House” but in boy form. Kimmy and her daughter, Ramona, also live in D.J.’s house. Jackson, D.J.’s oldest son, has a crush on Ramona’s best friend, Lola. The show also includes Jesse and Becky’s children along with Danny’s best friend, Joey Gladstone.

“Teen Titans Go” is about a team of funny superheroes that defend Jump City. With their powers they go on strange unrealistic adventures.

“Friends” is an old favorite TV show that is on a lot in reruns. It is about six best friends who all get into lots of trouble but somehow manage to stick together as a group of friends.

“Game Shakers” is about four kids who invent games: Babe, Kenzie, Hudson and Triple G, Double G’s son. It all started when their class was assigned a project. Babe and Kenzie were partners. They made a moving plate but that blew up. So they made a game and showed it to the class. “Game Shakers” is really popular with kids younger than the ones we surveyed.

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