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'The Kid Who Would Be King' cast interviewed by LI kids

"The Kid Who Would Be King" director Joe

"The Kid Who Would Be King" director Joe Cornish, actors Patrick Stewart, Louis Ashbourne Serkis and Rhianna Dorris with Kidsday reporters Jacelyn Dong, front left, Victor Baron, Ilya Vodovozov and Genelan Tang, at Xavier High School in Manhattan
  Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

On Sunday, we went to an advanced screening of the new movie “The Kid Who Would Be King.” It is a thrilling movie based on the book “The Sword in the Stone.” It is about a boy and his band of friends fighting monsters on their quest to save Britain.

In this movie, 12-year-old Alex (played by Louis Ashbourne Serkis) finds a sword in a broken concrete pillar and pulls it out. The sword turns out to be legendary Excalibur and the next thing Alex knows, monsters are after him to claim it. He forms a team of geeks and former bullies, who turn into noble knights on a quest.

The movie is amazing and filled with jealousy, betrayals and breathtaking battles. It also addresses a very important problem that plagues schools around the world — bullying. It shows that by standing up to bullies, being kind and helping each other, kids can prevent bullying.

A favorite scene that we enjoyed was the end of the movie where the kids attack the flaming monsters in the hallway and battle the monsters with swords and shields. It was an action-packed scene filled with excitement as the kids fought very bravely. We also really enjoyed one of the battle scenes where Alex is training for battle and he is fighting trees. Then the trees turn against him and the roots wrap around him, and he is being sucked into the ground.

One of our favorite characters was the teenage Merlin the sorcerer (played by Angus Imrie). He was very funny and different from others, as well as a very interesting person. We liked that he helps the kids in battle, and he has fascinating tricks. For example, with a few hand movements he can duplicate objects.

 After we watched the movie, we had an amazing opportunity to interview Louis Ashbourne Serkis (Alex Elliot), Sir Patrick Stewart (adult Merlin), Rhianna Dorris (Kaye), and writer and director Joe Cornish. We asked the actors what was the hardest part of playing their respective characters. Louis responded that having to play the role of being the leader or the person who does not give up on his friends was the hardest. Rhianna responded that the hardest part was having to be tender and caring, not all action, and also being a strong woman. Finally, Sir Patrick Stewart said that the hardest part of playing his character was memorizing the hand movements to the magic spells.

We asked Rhianna what was the most exciting part about filming this movie. She answered that it was shooting the car scene because it was a very action-filled part. She added that she is too young to drive but it looked so realistic and the tricks were very cool. We agree!

We asked Sir Patrick Stewart how long it took to learn the intricate hand movements. He laughed and replied that he never actually completely mastered the hand movements, it was mainly Angus who was doing the hand movements during the movie.

We think this movie will appeal to kids from ages 8 to 14. We enjoyed it very much.

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5

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