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Kidsday: A powerful way to learn piano

Are you having trouble learning the piano? Well now, you can buy this fun, easy, portable Ion Piano Apprentice. It makes playing piano really awesome. This Ion Piano Apprentice is only compatible with Apple products. After you have these devices, you have to download the Piano Apprentice application. Once you're ready, you plug your device in the Apprentice, you press the power button, and off you go -- you are ready to learn to play the piano.

When you are at the main menu, there are three parts: Piano Jam, Lessons and Sheet Music. Piano Jam is just playing for fun. You can change octaves by just pressing the buttons on your device. The Piano Apprentice has only 25 keys, so it would be hard if you change octaves while you play your piece. Big pieces are not recommended -- just play simpler pieces.

Lesson mode is the section where you learn to play the 15 pieces given when you download the app. Scott Huston, the piano guy in the app, will teach you until you know it really well. After you know all 15 pieces, the next mode, Sheet Music, will make the pieces fun. You can pause the piece whenever you want. You can change the tempo to play faster or slower.

I'm a musician/pianist, and I play advanced level piano pieces. As an advanced pianist, I think that this Piano Apprentice is a good for beginners. It makes playing piano simple and fun.

Advanced players can still have fun by cranking up the tempo a bit and playing faster.

The Piano Apprentice is great for all ages, all levels and for all lovers for music.

The Ion Piano Apprentice is a fun, easy, portable, electronic device. I think it's cool. I think that you will like it, too!

Give a shelter pet a home

Do you want to help animals like dogs and cats? Well, here is a simple way to do it. Just adopt a pet at an animal shelter. Workers at the shelters save the pets from the streets and take care of them.

Just think: We can give homes to homeless pets. Adoption at shelters is easy.

Fees to adopt at a shelter generally are lower than the cost of buying pets at a store. The North Shore Animal League informed us that puppies are about $175, kittens are $100. Some town shelters charge less. If you go to a pet store, the animals can sell for $200 to even $1,000.

A final plus of going to the shelter is that you have a lot of breeds to choose from. The shelter we visited had a wide selection of dogs (they have around 70 breeds), and most of their cats are shorthairs. The dogs even know how to sit and walk and go into its kennel on command. This is why you should adopt a pet from a shelter. Some of the staff members even adopt pets from where they work.

--Kidsday Reporters Christina Liu, Heather Porges and Keena Yin

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