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Kidsday: Basketball is good for you!

My favorite sport is basketball. It's fun to play and can help keep you healthy. It is a fast-moving game with lots of running, dribbling, passing, shooting and, most of all, teamwork.

When you are on a team, there are lots of practices. We do dribbling drills to keep coordination. The coach also gives us different plays to work on, such as blocking strategies for defense and passing skills for offense. On days when you don't have a team practice, you can play alone and work on your shooting. I have trouble with layups on the left side of the hoop, so that's what I practice.

Running up and down the court helps to build your endurance (parents say this, but kids say that cardio just makes you sweat). The workout drills improve balance and concentration. I work on my shooting techniques so I can make every basket. If I'm on the playground, I grab some friends to start a game.

All this paid off when I made the all-star team. This team was made up of two or three girls from each team in the Sachem Youth Athletic League. After just two practices and hours of drills, we had the game. It was exciting because I made the first basket for my team, and in the end, we won.

The many stages of Girl Scouts

In Girl Scouts there are many different levels. You can stay in the Scouts right up until you graduate high school.

The first is Daisies. In Daisies you earn different color petals and leaves for different activities. As you get older, you have a bridging ceremony to the next level, Brownies. You are a Brownie through third grade, and you earn different badges for events and activities.

You then move up to Juniors. That's what we are now. The crest for our troop is the purple pansy. Juniors earn badges for different activities, too. Your troop could earn the bronze award, which is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. Your troop has to work on a project for at least 20 hours.

After that, you become a Cadette. Here you can earn the silver award. You have to work for at least 50 hours on your silver award. At the end of eighth grade, Scouts have a bridging ceremony to become Seniors. You have to work on your special project at least 80 hours for your gold project. You can be a Senior in ninth and 10th grades.

At the end of 10th grade, you have a bridging ceremony to the final level of Girl Scouts, which is Ambassadors. You also can work on your gold award in Ambassadors. You can be an Ambassador through 12th grade.

--Kidsday Reporter Alexa Storzinger

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