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Kidsday: Bicycling around NYC

New York City is an amazing tour attraction with its awesome sights, such as the Statue of Liberty, the bridges, the Empire State Building and so much more.

There is so much to see. So how are you going to be able to see it all? Bike and Roll is the thing for you.

I went on a one of these tours recently with my friend Emily O'Connor of Massapequa and my dad. You take a trip on a bike all around the boroughs, and you get to see so many attractions. The instructors are amazing. Our guide, Damian, was so funny and helpful with explanations about everywhere we went and everything we did. Damian is an excellent and well-trained biker. He made the experience an incredible one.

The guides make the trip enjoyable and enlighten you about all you need to know about the places where you are and so many more cool facts.

There are many locations to find Bike and Roll. Some of them are in Hudson River Park, Central Park, Governors Island, Riverside Park, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, East River Park, West Harlem Piers Park, Highbridge Park and the location I went to, Battery Park.

I arrived at 9:30 a.m. and went on the guided Bike and Boat Tour. They provided bikes, and we rolled them onto the boat, so they were ready to roll when we got off. It's $79, and the tour is about three hours. We were able to bike across the Brooklyn Bridge and then took a water taxi back to Manhattan. It's for ages 10 and older.

It's tons of fun riding around looking at all the breathtaking sights in New York City. There was some traffic -- but the good news is we barely had to ride in the street because there are separate paths for bikers. It makes riding around the city a safer and more enjoyable trip not having to worry about being hit by a car.

There was some construction going on when we went, so we had to take a detour, but Damian made sure we were with him at all times and directed us even without the bike path.

You learn tons about New York. Bike and Roll is a great experience for everyone to make their trip to New York enjoyable and memorable. Go enjoy yourself and take an amazing joy ride with Bike and Roll!

For more information visit the website: newyork. You can take tours of Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor.

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