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Kidsday: Big books with lots of answers

Emma read "Sports Illustrated for Kids Big Book of Why" because she loves sports. She wrote: "Some of my favorite stories, facts or things I found interesting were: Why do swimmers wear skintight caps on their heads? Why is the fielder to the left of second base called a shortstop? Why are they called the New York Giants and New York Jets if they play their home games in New Jersey? Why do basketball players rub the soles of their sneakers? Why don't NFL quarterbacks wear numbers higher than 19? And why are the rings the sign of the Olympics? In conclusion, I definitely recommend this book, especially if you like sports and are looking for a book full of information about sports. If you want the answers, check out this book!"

Cassidy read "Time for Kids Big Book of How," and thought it was very interesting. She wrote: "I learned many new facts such as how a zipper zips, how to make a hurricane survival kit and how to stay upright on a surfboard. The book inspired the idea of my science project. It is good for everybody because it has many subjects like the human body, food, home tech, space and building. Almost every section has a craft. Almost every page has factoids, a color border, diagrams and photos, info boxes and an introduction. My favorite part was why do we cry? I would recommend this book to everyone."

Testing new Pokemon games

We tested new Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS.

Pokemon Black

Pokemon Black is the best Pokemon game ever, according to Trey. He wrote: "In the game you start as a junior trainer with one Pokemon. You can choose Tepig, a fire-type Pokemon; Snyvy, a grass-type, or Oshawatt, a water-type. You can level up your Pokemon by battling other Pokemon. The object is to beat the eight gym leaders; after that, you battle the elite four. The battles get harder as you progress. The story line makes you pay attention and remember the attack skills and different moves."

Pokemon White 2

Samantha wrote: "Pokemon White 2 is a good RPG game for the Nintendo DS. Like other Pokemon games, you can catch wild Pokemon and nickname your Pokemon. Now here are some of the awesome things about this game. In the beginning, I chose Oshawott because his final evolution had a better special attack stat, but you can pick which Pokemon you want. In this game there is a new gym leader order, as well as some new gym leaders. There are new towns and cities to explore. I don't want to spoil the ending, but trust me, you'll love it."

--Kidsday Reporters Trey Brereton and Samantha Yannucci

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