I read “Circus Mirandus,” by Cassie Beasley (Puffin Books). In this story, 10-year-old Micah didn’t know his grandpa would take ill. He didn’t know his aunt would blame and mistreat him. He didn’t know there was a way to fix it all, until now.

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When Micah’s grandpa was little, he heard music calling to him. The music brought him to a circus, Circus Mirandus. He experienced magic all around the circus. That same day he was promised a miracle. Now Grandpa Ephraim needs his miracle, and fast. When Micah finds out that the circus is coming at midnight, it’s up to Micah and his friend Jenny to bring Grandpa Ephraim’s miracle to him. Where will this journey lead? Will the miracle be granted? Will Grandpa Ephraim survive? To find out, visit your local library to read “Circus Mirandus!” What are you waiting for?

I liked how wondrous and full of excitement it was. The story makes you want to be there. The story made me fill up with joy. If you are the kind of person who likes adventure and fun, you would like it.