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Kidsday: Bows and arrows

We liked playing with the new Zing bow and arrow sets. There were a few to choose from: AirStorm Zip-Bak Bow, AirStorm Z-X Cross Bow and Z-Curve Bow. The Z-X Cross Bow is easy to use. We found it easy to use because once you load it, you shoot it like a gun. The bow has a safety on top of the trigger so no one gets hurt. It's convenient because it has a place to hold the extra arrows. The Z-X cross bow was the easiest to shoot. The Z-Curve shot went the farthest, but it was harder to load than the others. If little kids tried to load it, they would probably need help from their parents.

The Zip-Bak Bow is easy to shoot, and it has a place on the bow that can store the darts. We liked that the arrows stick to the door when you shoot them. It is not heavy, so it is easy to travel with if kids want to take it to a friend's house or to the park to play. It has good suction, so it sticks to glass easily. It's easy to aim, and the arrows usually hit our targets.

We didn't like that it doesn't shoot far. It is not as powerful as the Z-Curve. We would have liked to have more arrows with it. Overall, there are more things we like about this toy, and we would recommend this to all ages.

Our teachers had fun using it, too. We had a contest to see who could shoot it the farthest.

Baily the Lab: My best friend

Two years ago, we got my dog Bailey. She was very small when we got her. Bailey is a yellow Lab. She has a lot of energy. Now she is big. We have a crate for her and many toys. She used to have a habit of chewing people's fingers. Now she is just a silly dog that runs into the gates we have and likes to steal food off the counter.

If she is not familiar with you, she will jump on you. Bailey also will start sniffing you to see if you have a dog or cat. Sometimes, I get on the floor with her and she jumps all over me. One time, my brother locked me in the crate with her, and she started jumping on top of me and got a lot of hair on me.

Bailey became my best friend.

-- JAMES REGETERIO/Kidsday Reporter

Take a seat

Are you tired? Take a seat! We tried out the new USS Enterprise Inflatable Captain's Chair (; and think it is great. You will like it more if you are a fan of the old "Star Trek" show and movie because it is designed with buttons and looks like a chair from the show. It's great for watching TV or reading a book.



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