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Kidsday: Challenges of a Spartan Race

We participated in a mini Spartan Race in Times Square recently ( It was fun but very challenging. One of the toughest parts of the race was the rope climb. Gripping the rope with our hands and feet and climbing to the top -- nearly 20 feet off the ground -- was very hard to do.

Eventually, we reached the top and rang the bell to notify everyone we reached the top. Now to get down -- not as easy as you'd think! Slide down too fast and you could get some serious rope burns on your hands, which were freezing cold by then.

There were many obstacles. One of them was flipping a huge truck tire. Again, the temperatures made this a very difficult part of the challenge. Another part of the course was the wall that you needed to climb across. It was about 8 feet high and a few feet off the ground so you really needed a lot of upper body strength to hold onto each block as you made your way.

Although the Spartan Race was a very challenging event, it was still a lot of fun and exciting to complete. We were very proud of ourselves for even being able to finish it. But we couldn't have finished the race if it weren't for all of the people helping and encouraging all the participants through the course. We'd love to do it again.

There will be a Spartan Race at Citi Field April 13. Check the website to register.

Channeling Shaun White

I think my new Shaun White Skateboard (D6 Sports/Shaun White Supply Co.) is awesome! I was excited to try it, so my first experience was in the garage, not much room but that did not stop me from trying it out. I am not the most experienced kid you ever saw on a skateboard. A few days later it was warmer, so my dad moved the cars to give me as much room as possible. I dug up my elbow and knee pads as well as my helmet and stood at the top of the driveway, not really sure what to expect.

My first push off was across the driveway to avoid going straight down the hill. I crossed the driveway a few times, getting more confident each time.

I found the trucks of the board straight out of the factory were much too loose for me. Every time I would try to sharply turn right or left, the board pitched down until the wheels hit bottom, throwing me forward.

My dad and I figured this out and tightened the trucks for my weight. What a difference!

After that adjustment, I really could find no problems with the board at all.

--Kidsday Reporter Grace Kelly

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