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Kidsday: 'Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh, My!'

The book "Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh, My!" by Karen Tack and Alan Richard (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt books) is filled with new treats, unique techniques and hilarious fun. It contains new, wonderful creations that will make your mouth water. There are new styles of pies, cupcakes and cookies on every page.

The creations are some of your favorite animals, including frogs, fish and dogs. For each creation, there is an easy step-by-step plan that includes helpful pictures. There is even another page of all the candies out there and what they can be used for in decorating your own wacky creations. It is for all ages. I recommend this to all who love baking and want to have even more fun while doing so.

Book review: 'A Dog Called Homeless'

The book "A Dog Called Homeless," by Sarah Lean (HarperCollins), tells the story of Cally Fisher and her struggles with the death of her mother. One day, Cally "sees" her mother. The ghost of Cally's mother comes to her. Cally tells her family. "Don't you see her, too?" she asks. Her father orders her to stop being silly. She gets so tired of being brushed off, she stops speaking. She meets a boy her age, Sam. He is blind and deaf. He also needs heart surgery. Cally loves how he makes her feel clever, like when he asks her what a song is like. Since he is deaf, she does not have to talk to communicate.

When Cally sees her mother, she constantly sees a large Irish wolfhound. The dog is really there, though her mother is not. How can she convince her father that the dog is meant to be theirs and is somehow connected to her mother? This heartwarming book is best for kids 10 and older.

--Kidsday Reporter Brooke Lewitas

Wicked Audio Heist earbuds

The Wicked Audio Heist (Empire Brands) earbuds are the best out there! They come with three different-size cushions to fit any ear size. The cushions can be attached to headphones. The sound is so clear, and the headphones are so comfortable.

They come in many colors, so you can choose your favorite, but most of all the sound is just amazing. It is like being at a concert. There are so many styles to choose from.

They're great; I would definitely buy them again! You can also get the over- the-ear headphones. Visit the website:

--Kidsday Reporter Emily O'Connor


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