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Kidsday: Dance with Radio City Rockettes

Are you a dancer? Have you ever dreamed of being a Rockette? Well, the Rockette Experience will give you a chance to live the life of a Rockette for a day.

When you arrive at Radio City Music Hall, where the Rockette Experience takes place, you will be taken into one of the studios where the Rockettes practice their famous dances. Here you will take a three-hour workshop with an actual Radio City Rockette. Dancers will learn choreography -- jazz, tap and kick-line dances. Girls must be at least 10 years old and have experience in tap and jazz. After you learn the numbers, a mock audition will take place. You will do each dance in front of a fake panel of judges and get scored for every dance.

Soon after you finish dancing you will have a short break. During this time you may look over your score sheet from the mock audition. Once break is over, a Rockette will answer any questions you have about the Rockettes or Radio City Music Hall.

You will then be able to take a picture with the Rockette who taught your class that day. Last but not least, you and the other dancers will take a tour of Radio City Music Hall and watch a video on the history of the Rockettes.

Clearly this is every dancer's dream, and if you would like to take part in this fabulous Rockette Experience go to

There are just a few sessions left this summer.
Minds we's like to read

Wouldn't it be really cool if you could read someone else's mind? We thought about it and decided here are some minds we'd like to read:

Your worst enemy: We think kids would want to know what their worst enemy was thinking of them so they could plan against them or think of a way to make them a friend.

Parents: They have a way of always talking about us in secret. We would love to know what they are thinking and it would also be cool to know exactly what they do when they are at work.

Siblings: Siblings have a way of making us upset. They can do it with just a look. We would want to know what those faces mean.

Pets: It would be cool to read your pets' mind. You could know if they like you. You could see if they want to go out or they need to get their water changed. You could see if they are hungry, too.

--Kidsday Reporters Kate Brady and Sam Schanstra

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Debbie Cain's sixth-grade class, CHATTERTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Merrick

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