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Kidsday: Eastport Fire Department Juniors

The Eastport Fire Department Juniors are a great group. Everyone is a friend, and we welcome any newcomers from our district.

The juniors are involved in a lot of events that take place throughout the year. We do the Southampton muster, which is when all the juniors get together and have a drill with water buckets, whale boats, a midnight alarm and efficiency.

For water buckets we have two people in a big tub of water where they take buckets and fill them up and pass them on to other juniors. Then at the end there are two more people who throw the water onto a fake roof and the empty buckets get passed down to just get refilled again. This competition is over when one team fills the barrel with water first.

We face other junior fire departments to see who is faster at fighting fires as a friendly competition.

We also do a lot of community volunteer work. We have a car wash and a Sunday breakfast. Some of the money that we make at the Sunday breakfast goes to victims of superstorm Sandy.

To join you have to be between the ages of 12 and 17. As a junior you can be an official firefighter when you turn 17; otherwise you have to wait until you're 18.


Kidsday Reporter

My family and I have collected fire patches from around the world. My dad is a volunteer firefighter in the Manorville Fire Department. Believe it or not, he bought a fire truck in 2002 and now it is in my basement. We refurbished the truck and repainted it red. The lights and siren still work. The truck was in magazines and fire newspapers throughout the United States. That's when fire departments started to send their fire patches to us. We have 111.

My favorite patches are the ones from NASA in Florida, and one from Germany. I especially like the ones from Iraq. The Iraq patches are from U.S. servicemen who helped establish fire departments in Iraq after the war. I really like when I get home from school and bring in the mail, and an envelope comes with another new patch. That's my story of how I started collecting fire patches, but I know my story won't end there. When I get older, I want to be a firefighter, too.

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