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Kidsday: Exploring the Cradle of Aviation

Recently, we went to the JetBlue Sky Theater Planetarium at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City. When we entered the museum, we saw an airplane hanging on a steel wire above us.

We went inside a room to watch the film "We Are Astronomers." As the show began, it felt as if we were moving, because the pictures were popping out. The screen was in a dome shape, and the film was in 3-D. It felt as if we could reach out and touch the stars.

"We Are Astronomers," narrated by David Tennant, is about the jobs astronomers do. Astronomers are passionate and dedicated people who use their knowledge to reveal the mysteries of the universe.

We found out a lot about the technology used to find information on space. Also, we heard about the work they are doing to find more galaxies, planets and stars.

We learned the most powerful telescope in the world is in Chile in South America. It cost billions and took about two decades to build.

The show is G-rated, so anyone can watch it. We really liked it because it revealed interesting facts. We liked it so much we are going back to see it again.

The Cradle of Aviation has so much to offer kids who are interested in space. We saw model airplanes and planets. All of these things were hanging on wires above us. There were cool things everywhere. We did make a stop at the gift shop. We liked the toy train set; when you press a button, the trains go around. We also were curious about freeze-dried ice cream and freeze-dried strawberries. We bought a freeze-dried ice cream tube. It popped as we put it in our mouths.

There were model airplanes, costumes, glow-in-the-dark stars and candy. Visit the museum at 1 Davis Ave., Garden City. Call 516-572-4111. Or check



'Super Science: Matter Matters!'


The book "Super Science: Matter Matters!" by Tom Adams (Templar Books) is wonderful. It is a book for anyone who loves science. I think it is best for kids my age (10) or older because the author uses many advanced words that younger kids may not know.

It gives you information on scientific lessons and experiments. There are many experiments based on chemistry and gravity.

The book is very colorful. It is also a pop-up book, which makes reading it fun. On every page, there is a lesson; while you are reading, it gives information on specific subjects. Although it is a wonderful book, the author puts in jokes that aren't very funny. You can try many of these experiments, too. They are fun and easy.

RATING 4 smiles

-- IMANI FAVARD/Kidsday Reporter

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