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Kidsday: Finding cheap eats in the city

One day, my family and friends went on an eating excursion in New York Ciy. First, we went to Doughnut Plant (379 Grand St., There they have gigantic doughnuts with the wackiest flavors. This place is so great, it was even featured on the Food Network.

A few blocks down, we went to another restaurant. It was actually more like a pick-and-go. The name of the shop was The Pickle Guys (49 Essex St.; pickleguys .com). There you can pick any kind of pickle you like.

Next, we went to the most amazing candy store I've ever been to: Economy Candy (108 Rivington St., You can buy many vintage and new types of candies. From mints to huge lollipops, Economy Candy has it all.

Our final stop was for the cheapest dining ever. We all went to Vanessa's Dumpling House (118A Eldridge St.). There, you know the food is fresh because there is a window where you can watch one person making tons of dumplings.

If, perhaps, you wanted chive and pork fried dumplings, you would be able to get four large pieces for $1. What a bargain!

All of these places are great to visit on a day in the city. They are cheap, delicious and fun.

Show Cat Picture Book Package

The Show Cat Children's Picture Book Package (Kidz Entertainment) is amazing. It's designed for kids 3 to 8, and my little cousin Kate Stahl loves it.

The Show Cat carrying case includes its own book, a coloring book, a music CD and a plush cat with a necklace.

On the bottom of the pages in the coloring book are words you can follow along with or you can make up your own story. My cousin made up her own story.

The cat toy has side openings to put your hands in to warm them up. There is a zippered compartment on the back so you can use it as a purse. My cousin loves to take the purse by the strap and fling it around. It looked like she was having the time of her life.

This toy is very huggable. My cousin loves to hug it. My cousin also likes to pretend that it is a cute little cat. It is hours of fun for kids -- and my cousin's dog loves it, too.

Most of all, my cousin loves the cat's collar/necklace because she knows her toy pet will always come home and stay with her forever and ever.

My cousin had such a fun time playing with The Show Cat, and everybody was happy because Kate was having so much fun.

There is also a Show Dog and Pansie the Piglet.

RATING 4 smiles

-- ROSE CUNNINGHAM/Kidsday Reporter, 11, New Hyde Park

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