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Good Afternoon

Kidsday: Fun online

Do you ever get bored and wonder what website would be great to use to play fun and interesting games? We had the opportunity to try a bunch of websites for kids and decide if they are worthwhile. is a fantastic website for kids ages 6 and older. This interactive site has many games. Boys, girls and even parents will love these challenging and fun games. We loved the wide variety of options available and found the games very addictive. is an action- packed gamers' website that has very popular games. It also has a "Certified Safe for Kids" medal so kids ages 9 and older can play whenever and wherever they want without worrying if the site is safe and appropriate.

We had a blast trying out the different games and became so absorbed we lost track of time. This site is a must-see for slightly older gamers. is another of our top picks. It includes all the fun in beautiful multicolored pixels. It also has many popular games for players of all ages. We loved that you can play these games with your friends because there is a whole section of multiplayer games. The multiplayer feature is a huge plus for this site if you are looking to play with friends.

We think these sites are perfect for boys and girls who love playing games on the Internet. Try these websites for yourself.

Glue you can stick with

Have you ever thought about which glue is the best to buy? There are so many different kinds of glue out there, it may be hard to know which one is best. We decided to test a few ourselves so you don't have to do the dirty work and waste your money on glues that don't stick well.

We used Elmer's Colors, Elmer's X-Treme, Elmer's Gel and Elmer's Liquid Glue (squeeze bottle). Our test showed that if you want to do heavy-duty projects, you're better off using the Elmer's X-Treme Glue. This glue was by far the strongest and had the most sticking power.

If you want to do a fun, colorful project, you should use Elmer's Colors. They come in a wide variety of different shades.

The Elmer's Liquid Glue is time-consuming: Our tests showed it took the longest time to dry. It did prove to be worth the wait, though, because of its strength. It even was strong enough to glue a crayon onto a piece of paper.

The next time you need glue for a project or craft, you will know what type to buy.


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