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Kidsday: Fun places to visit in NYC

Do you like to visit New York City but never really know where to go? Here are some places I recommend:

The American Museum of Natural History ( is at 79th Street and Central Park West). At the museum, you can have a fun and educational experience that you and your family will like. There are things to see from dinosaurs to ocean life to outer space.

I also enjoy Central Park, because there is so much to do. You can ride your bike, roller skate or skateboard. You can go on a boat ride, go to a playground or just relax. After that, you can go to the Wildlife Center, where you can see monkeys, penguins and polar bears. You can also visit the Children's Zoo where the kids can pet animals.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab (550 Madison Ave., is a place where you can play in a sound lab, travel through time and even take virtual trips around the world and into outer space. And it's all free. I went to Sony Wonder Technology Lab, and I enjoyed it. I think you should try it.

--Kidsday Reporter Brionna Eldridge

When I was with my Girl Scout troop, we were looking for ways to help others, and we came up with a pretty good idea. We volunteered by cleaning shoes. What people did was donate shoes, and my Girl Scout troop would clean them. After we cleaned them, we put them in a bag and stored the bags in the basement. The shoes eventually were given to people who are not as fortunate as we are.

A lot of people donated shoes and sneakers to us. We think there were about 1,000 pairs for us to clean up. And the most important thing about it was that I was volunteering on my birthday. I turned 10. It was fun. I would love to do it again. It felt good to help others in need.

--Kidsday Reporter Brionna Eldridge

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