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Kidsday: Fun with Stompeez

Stompeez are not your everyday slippers. When you step, your Stompeez react. They're the kind of slippers that can brighten any rainy day. They're also kid-friendly. There are many different little creatures to choose from, such as unicorns, dogs and monsters.

The slippers are super comfortable. Some kids may think they are uncomfortable because there is a button you have to step on to activate them, making the creatures pop up. It really just feels like a plush circle that doesn't hurt or bother you at all. In fact, you can hardly feel it when you're walking. When you take a step, the mouth or eyes pop open on the area above your toes. To make them even better than they already are, we think they should make them in bigger sizes so adults can enjoy them as well.

We recommend these for kids who are looking for more than just plain old slippers with cute animals on them. Stompeez are a great gift.

A Paper roller coaster?

A paper roller coaster? Yes, you read it right. This unique idea was invented by Andrew Gatt in 2011. It is made from hard material paper that you cut and fold and then put together with tape on a platform. You can make your own by buying the paper roller coaster starter kit. The kit includes 15 beams, 35 columns, 15 support bars, two funnels, two connectors for the track and 50 track pieces.

The directions are clearly written, and they tell you how to build and put together each piece, but it is up to you and your imagination to come up with a design for the beams and columns. Then you have to design a fun and challenging track.

When it is all finished, test it out using the marbles provided in the kit. (For the best results, place the marbles down 15 seconds apart.)

What kind of track would you build? Would it have funnels, loops, corkscrews, sharp turns, jumps and twists? Can you meet the challenge?

It is all up to you. To get the kit, go online to

This is probably one of the coolest things to build. You will also need a lot of patience and a good design plan to meet the challenge. It is not as easy as it looks but it is fun. We also recommend you do this with a group of friends.

Teamwork gets things done quickly.


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