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Great memories from 2018: Things that made us happy

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

We all had a pretty good year in 2018 and with the 2019 just a week away, we decided to ask kids in our school what was the best thing that happened to them this year. We surveyed 299 kids in our school and asked them to pick the top things that made them happy. Here are our results:

I went on vacation: 144

I got a pet: 74

I went to a theme park: 43

I won a trophy/medal: 38

We were not that surprised with the results! So many kids love to go on vacation. There are a few theme parks on Long Island and kids have season passes to some, so that made a lot of kids happy. And, who doesn’t love a pet? They are good for this year and next year and the years after that! We think it was a good year for the kids in our school.

April Mindlin’s fifth-grade class, Jericho Elementary School, Centereach

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