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Kidsday: How peer mediation works

Have you ever had a problem or a conflict with another student?

In our school, we have peer mediators; our job is to help you solve that conflict.

Peer mediators are not mean, and they don't give solutions; they guide people through conflicts. We are not the boss of anybody. We work together, show interest and listen.

We had to go to a training class after school for six hours to learn how to become peer mediators. If you missed two or more classes, you couldn't become a peer mediator.

We also did role-plays and pretended to be in conflict with each other so our friends could practice mediation.

Peer mediation is a process in which two fifth-graders help solve a problem between two kids in kindergarten to fourth grade. If you're friends with or are a sibling of a person having a conflict, you can't peer mediate with him or her. As a peer mediator you can't bully the person, take sides, share the information with others or give solutions. Both of the kids having a conflict have to agree to the solution they come up with.

Bullying is not something you should do. If you're getting bullied, tell an adult right away; and if you want help solving a problem with a peer, then come talk to the peer mediators.

Got milk of human kindness?

In our school, we have a program called Got Kindness. It reminds us to be kind to others and to stand up to bullying. This is how my school shows it: We wear a green T-shirt that says "Got Kindness?" on the front; on the back is a number. The number is 160,000. That number stands for how many kids stay home from school each day in the United States because of bullying. So everybody at my school, including the teachers, wears the shirt on Wednesdays to show that we do not bully and are reminded to be kind to others at school. Do you have kindness?

--Kidsday Reporter Gabriella Ciccarelli

Now that's funny

What has a ring but no finger?

A telephone

-- Julia Dimitri

What did the snowflake say to the snow?

I had frosted flakes for lunch.

-- Sara Giarnieri

What does one girl firefly say to the other girl firefly?

"You glow, girl!"

-- Hannah Causin

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Lara McNally's fifth-grade peer mediators, IDLE HOUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Oakdale

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