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Kidsday: Ideas for a super sleepover

Before you have a sleepover, ever wonder how to make your party even better? Well, try some of my ideas for having the best sleepover in town. You never know, some of these ideas might be so much fun you'll do them again next time.

Girls probably will enjoy activities like making friendship bracelets together on a bracelet maker or out of colored string. Boys might like playing video games late at night before going to sleep. I think that both boys and girls will have a good time making pizzas or watching a really funny movie. Remember, it's all about having fun and hanging out with friends.

A fun party idea that teens will like is tie-dying T-shirts, having dance competitions or, getting manicures and pedicures. Younger kids will really enjoy drawing pictures, baking cupcakes with adult supervision or doing something related to the theme of the party.

If you think your guests will enjoy these activities, use them at your next sleepover. A good idea at a sleepover would be to take lots of pictures at the party of some of the events you will be doing. These will come in handy for thank you cards after the party is over.

I hope your sleepover will include some of my ideas, and use them again if you want to.

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