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Kidsday: Ideas for kids' reality shows

These days there are a lot of adult reality shows. Although some of these shows can be fun to watch, not a lot of them feature kids. My class decided that as much as we like to watch reality shows, we think it's time for one of them to feature kids. We came up with some neat ideas for shows and then had our fellow fifth graders vote on what they think the best ideas would be. Here they are:

"My Dad Is Rich and Famous" In this show, we will follow kids with famous moms and dads around to see what they do after school and see if their life is different from everyone else's.

"On The Road to Becoming a Champion" Five kids would each be a star in a different sport and they would compete against others to show they are the best.

"Bully Busters" This show would follow around four kids who have overcome bullying. These kids would go to schools around the country with the mission of helping kids stand up to bullies and become more confident. There would be features on kids who have been bullied in the schools they visit.

"Wannabes" Kids who aspire to be models, singers, actresses, etc. are called the Wannabes. Their mission is to become famous. Even though they sometimes face rejection, they keep trying -- again and again.

"Kid Makeovers" We would follow two cool and fashionable girls and boys who travel around the country trying to give kids a makeover in order for them to fit in.

Why I get a kick out of karate

Karate is an amazing sport. Karate is good way to get in shape. While training, you have to do lots of push-ups, sit-ups, running, punching and kicking. By the time you've done karate for a few months, you'll see yourself getting to be a better athlete. Every time I go to karate, I feel my blood pumping and I feel like I could take on the world.

Karate also will help to boost self-confidence. Whether you lack confidence or already feel good about yourself, once you know how to protect yourself you can't help but feel better about who you are.

The best reason to try karate is because it's just plain fun. At my studio, my sensei, or teacher, finds creative ways to have us learn technique. We spar, that means fight, with foam noodles. We also train our reflexes by dodging balls. Another fun game is King of the Ring. Basically, the last man standing wins.

If you like competition, you can enter a tournament. Tournaments judge technique and style. If you're skilled, you may win a medal or trophy.

--Kidsday Reporter Niamh Amitrano

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Jennifer Giordano's fourth-grade class, TIMBER POINT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, East Islip


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